Distrix Products

Connect existing devices and transform networks to enable the Industrial Internet of Things, without costly hardware upgrades.

Customers want to connect Operational Technology (OT) devices to other OT and IT networks, without facing the costs of replacing valuable operational hardware or time consuming and risky network changes.
Distrix IoT Gateways™ can be added to or alongside existing OT devices and networks to transform them into next generation Software Defined Networking (SDN) converged systems that allow simple, secure, reliable connections for existing operational equipment to IT networks, without costly hardware upgrades or complex network changes.
Distrix was created to securely and reliably connect operational sensors and devices for the US Predator Drone, SPAWAR, and other Government programs. Distrix secures every packet of data right from the source, then provides multi-layered security to protect IIoT data in transit even through the most hostile and potentially compromised networks.