Simplify Access

Dramatically reduce deployment times. Eliminate complex reconfigurations that leave networks susceptible to human error, wire sniffing and costly management overhead. Easily integrate IP and non-IP systems onto a common, yet segregated and secure platform.

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Secure Your Data

A virtual, logical network is abstracted from the physical network building a common foundation for a software-defined security model without worry of the underlying physical capabilities or its vulnerabilities.

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Increase Resiliency

Improve efficiency of your wide-area networks with highly automated and advanced optimization services that solve problems of constrained and unreliable networks.

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Leverage Smart Data

Reduce the cost of growing your network by simplifying it. Use software-based network services to consolidate or eliminate network appliances. As an embeddable software platform, Distrix runs on low-cost, COTS hardware, on a blade or in a VM.

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The Distrix platform delivers unique value that created a perfect fit for our needs. This platform gave us a way to deliver a long sought after solution cruise ship lines need to deliver to today’s highly connected passengers and crew in a hotly competitive market.

Bob Wise, CIO, MTN Communications