Embedding Intelligence into Complex Networks

The Industrial Internet Consortium defines the Industrial Internet as “an internet of things, machines, computers and people, enabling intelligent industrial operations using advanced data analytics for transformational business outcomes. It embodies the convergence of the global industrial ecosystem, advanced computing and manufacturing, pervasive sensing and ubiquitous network connectivity.

The rise of the Industrial Internet is offering significant advantages to Industry and Government. Integrating data streams from operational and information technology networks unleashes enterprise efficiencies, improves stakeholder satisfaction and reduces operational risks. Software Defined Networks in particular increase network security, reduce time to action, and better utilize existing resources for higher performance without requiring widespread infrastructure replacement.

The Distrix Advantage

Distrix harnesses these software defined networking advantages. The Distrix solution is easily staged for controlled deployments, easily integrated across a wide variety of system types, and works within a small footprint for seamless compatibility and power – while increasing the utilization, resiliency and security of the entire system.

The Distrix software defined networking approach provides a powerful avenue to enterprise and control system integration with segregated data, control, and management planes and a derived autonomous monitoring stream.

Operational Efficiencies

Distrix networks pave the way for far-reaching advanced operational efficiencies through their integration and consolidation of data from dispersed sensor-driven systems.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With Distrix, rationalized systems operate more efficiently and communicate more effectively using in-place hardware. Not only does this lower initial capital costs, but operating costs benefit dramatically.


Fully Utilized Assets

Distrix achieves tremendous cost advantages by connecting enterprise software systems with operational control systems while leaving critical infrastructure in place, and utilizing these assets in a much more agnostic and virtualized manner.

The result is far better use of existing networking equipment, increased redundancy, and enhanced overall compatibility.


Improved Security

With Distrix, a federated security model defines and manages trust realms across the entire network, and a federated identity model defines users and user types, enabling access to applications rather than hardware.


Controlled Deployments

Networks powered by Distrix are easily deployed, integrated and staged by virtue of their ability to scale up gradually. Systems can be brought online with existing hardware as business needs dictate, providing a very safe and controlled evolutionary approach.