Secure Your Network

A virtual, logical network is abstracted from the physical network building a common foundation for a software-defined security model without worry of the underlying physical capabilities or its vulnerabilities.

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Simplify Your Network

Eliminate complex network reconfiguration that leaves networks susceptible to human error, wire sniffing and costly management overhead. Easily integrate IP and non-IP systems onto a common, yet segregated and secure platform.

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Optimize Your Network

Improve efficiency of your wide-area networks with highly automated and advanced optimization services that solve problems of constrained and unreliable networks.

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Scale Your Network

Reduce the cost of growing your network through simplification, optimization and most importantly, from the lower risk of cyber attack. As an embeddable software platform, Distrix runs on low-cost, COTS hardware, on a blade or in a VM.

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The Industrial Internet of Things is quickly advancing, Distrix has created a unique, software-based network communications approach that meets the needs of our customers.

Jim Lowe, Project Engineer, Power Engineers

Internet of Things

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Communication in Remote Locations

Interview: Jay Friedman, Pres. of Distrix on Remote Communications

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Distrix gets new round of funding

SDN as a Security Solution – Part 2

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